Bobbi Brown Cosmetics Instant Long-wear Makeup Remover – Product Review

Instant Long-wear Makeup Remover by Bobbi Brown Cosmetics is a really gentle makeup remover that takes off waterproof eye and lip products quick and easy.

With so many makeup removers on the market it is important to find one that works quickly and effectively, Instant Long-wear Makeup Remover works.

This makeup remover  also conditions and refreshes the skin. I found it to be great for my sensitive skin because it also does not  irritate and there was no redness in my skin after use.

All you need is a cotton pad or cotton ball, saturate it with this product and almost effortlessly the product does the work. I loved that it also did not leave a residue and my skin felt comfortable.

This is a product I would definitely recommend for the following reasons:

  • easy to use
  • works quickly
  • removes waterproof eye and lip makeup
  • leaves no residue
  • gentle for sensitive skin
  • non-irritating

$30 Get it at Saks 

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