I’m often described as a makeup junkie, cosmetic obsessed, creative individual. The truth is, I love makeup. Beauty has been a part of my forever, even as a kid, I loved body lotions and lip glosses and my world expanded to include makeup, skin care, fragrance, hair products and more.

I love makeup so much, my first job out of high school was in a department store in the the cosmetics department. That is where my in-depth and hands on learning of this incredible world of beauty became the realization of my life’s dream.

Lucky for me, I have always tried new products, pretty much on the day they are launched because I closely follow all of my favorite brands.

Not long ago launched the emergence of beauty subscription boxes. What a fantastic idea! I really wish I had thought of it, but still it’s an awesome idea. I subscribed and continue to get excited and try new products and at the same time discover additional ways to use many products.

As a makeup artist, I always add newness to my kit. I feel that it’s important that my clients know that I am up-to date on new makeup innovations and can apply these skills to help them with their look.

On myself, I love to try on new things. It’s the best way to test depth of color, texture, wearability, ease of use and technology.

This is the reason I started Top Beauty Subscription Boxes. I want to share with you what I know and what I’ve learned about cosmetics, makeup and beauty. I also want to answer your questions and will respond to your comments about the products and boxes featured or soon to be discovered.

Welcome to my world of beauty, cosmetics and fun.

Lorrie Pearson CEO

To Beauty Subscription Boxes 

Because it’s fun to try something new