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Are you passionate about beauty?

Beauty and makeup have always been one of my top obsessions! As a child I loved to go shopping with my mom. My favorite department, of course, cosmetics! It was always and still today is the most exciting part of the store. In the cosmetics departments there is always something new to try, learn and buy. This began my interest and obsession with makeup.

I went on to work in the cosmetics department and over the years have represented many brands. I still have that same “girl in the candy store” feeling every time I visit the cosmetics department.

I remember the first day I visited a Sephora. I felt like all my makeup dreams had come true. The open layout allowing you to try practically everything in the store was an incredible experience. So many similar store models have emerged since then, but there is always something exciting to see.

A few years ago I discovered the subscription box. How fun it was to receive my first box! It was like receiving the perfect present with great new cosmetics to try! I became so addicted that I began to subscribe to practically every new box I discovered!

It’s so much fun to try something new every month. I share my favorite products and have added so many great discoveries into my makeup kit.

These are the reasons I started Beauty Subscription Box. I want you to have and great time trying something new every month. My goal is to share with you new boxes, reviews, coupons and more so that you can get the boxes  you desire.

Thank you for visiting Beauty Subscription Box.

I hope you will share product reviews, new box services, photos, videos and more.

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Let’s have some fun.


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  1. I too go crazy over cosmetics.
    I’m always trying the newest and latest products.

    The beauty subscription box, does it entails getting free beauty products to try? or does it entails getting discount on beauty products? or does it provides the best and newest beauty products in the market.

    I’d like to know, because I am quite interested.

    1. Author

      Hi Sheree! 

      Thanks for your comments. 

      This site will discuss them all. The primary focus is to tell you about the different subscription boxes, and to let you know what’s in them at what value and cost. I also link to where to buy products and as I receive information on free products and special prices, I will post that information as well. With all that is offered, I also include product reviews on cosmetics I have personally tried and at some point will extend the reviews to be submitted from a variety of users. 

      I hope this helps and I hope you will sign up to be notified of new posts and products to try. 

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