Valmont Moisturizing Eye C Gel – Review

The moment I applied Valmont Moisturizing Eye C Gel by lightly patting it around my eye area, I felt a cooling effect that had an awakening affect. I tried this product at night after a long day at it was quite refreshing. The product was non-irritating too, and I mention this because my skin does have a sensitivity to some products, but not this one.

I used Valmont Moisturizing Eye C Gel daily for two weeks because I wanted to know if I would notice or feel a difference. Here are my results:

  • Although I have dark circles that I don’t feel will ever go away, I did notice that they were a bit less dark. This was not my imagination, people actually complimented that I looked less tired without makeup.
  • Improved hydration. The eye area is thin and air condition, sun, or heat can make your eyes dry. In my case I always felt I needed a moisturizer under my eye to help combat dryness, but Valmont Moisturizing Eye C Gel truly added hydration and I didn’t feel the need to add additional eye cream in addition to this product.

Overall, Valmont Moisturizing Eye C Gel is a great product. I have actually added this product to my makeup bag and pro kit to use when working on clients who have travel related dry skin. The results have been great and it’s been a positive experience.

This is a product worth trying.

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